Can I Use All Purpose Joint Compound On Plaster?

Can I Use All Purpose Joint Compound On Plaster?

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If you’re thinking of plastering your walls, you might wonder if you can use All-purpose joint compound to finish the job. There are a few differences between these two products. For one, plaster is much thicker and more durable than joint compound.

Another difference is the consistency. While All-purpose joint compound is typically used for walls, it may also be used on ceilings. Below are some tips to keep in mind before applying All-purpose joint compound to your walls.


When applying All Purpose Joint Compound on Plaster, be sure to prepare the surface thoroughly. It can dry quickly, so only make a small amount and use it sparingly. Use a putty knife to apply the compound, running it down at a 45-degree angle. Once applied, allow the joint compound to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions. Afterward, you can paint,