Can You Plaster Over Tiles?

Can You Plaster Over Tiles?

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One common question is: can you plaster over tiles? Plastering over a tiled surface can prevent the need to drill into it. It is best to avoid drilling into tiles and plaster attached to them, as this can result in extreme cracks.

Before you start, you should first remove the tiles, as this is a relatively simple process. It will help you to avoid future problems. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your walls for tiling.

How to prepare a wall for tiling

Regardless of your skill level, there are basic steps that you need to take to properly prepare a wall for tiling. These steps are important for ensuring that the wall is level and free of dust and grease before applying the tiles. You should also ensure that the wall is clean and dry before applying the tiles. After removing the old wallpaper or loose plaster, you need to clean and level the wall before tiling it.

The next step in tiling your wall is to create the necessary joints between the tiles. These joints will prevent the tiles from separating during expansion and contraction. You should use the correct prim