Can You Plaster Without Tape?

Can You Plaster Without Tape?

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When plastering, you can use a variety of different types of tape, including Fiberglass mesh tape, Paper tape, Scrim tape, and Corner bead tape. Some of these types are popular with beginners and are great all-rounders, as they won’t need jointing compound.

If you’re looking for a superior style of tape, you can choose Wondertex metal angle tape, which is reinforced with galvanised metal. It’s perfect for finishing internal and external drywall corners.

Paper tape

You can plaster without paper tape if you follow some basic principles. First, you should apply joint filler to the whole area. Do not use scrim tape. Always make sure that all joints are fully filled with jointing compound before applying paper tape. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions for jointing cement application to avoid problems. Also, watch two helpful videos on jointing plaster