Can You Skim Coat Over Plaster With Drywall Mud?

Can You Skim Coat Over Plaster With Drywall Mud?

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If you want to avoid the mess of priming and painting, you can skim coat over plaster with drywall mud. A skim coat with mud is also much easier to sand, and requires no priming.

If you have to prime, you can use water-based primer instead. Just make sure to give the primer sufficient time to dry. Mix quick-set joint compound with water, and let it dry.

Less messy

If you plan on skim coating over plaster with drywall mud, there are a few things to remember. Light-body drywall compound is less messy to apply and mix, but it has no structural purpose. You should also avoid shortening the water as this will make the compound stickier and heavier. Light-body drywall compound is usually created by shortening water, resulting in a less-messy application.

Whether you choose to skim coat over plaster or drywall mud, the result is less messy and less dusty. You can use a 3/8-nap roller to apply the skim coat. The 3/8-nap roller leaves a slightly rough texture on the wall