Do You Have to Plaster After Removing Wallpaper?

Do You Have to Plaster After Removing Wallpaper?

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If you’ve recently removed your wallpaper, you may wonder, “Do you have to plaster after removing it?” Fortunately, there are a number of simple steps to take after ripping off the old wall covering.

This process requires scoring paper, which is important because it allows moisture to penetrate the glue and allow it to come away in strips. You can also use a scoring tool to perforate porous wallpaper, but be careful not to overdo it!

Skim coating

Before painting over your newly removed wallpaper, you should skim coat the wall. Wallpaper can cause damage to the drywall, so it’s best to use a skim coating to cover up visible flaws. Also, painting over your wallpaper without skim coating can result in uneven results. Read on to learn how to skim coat after removing wallpaper. Also, keep in mind that the process can be messy, so make sure to wear