Taping Drywall

Taping drywall is the process of smoothing the seams of the drywall panels to help them blend better with the rest of the wall. When drywall panels are not taped using the techniques, the lines or seams between each panel become more noticeable and can be difficult to paint over or simply look unsightly when placed on the walls inside a home. To avoid having the broken or pieced appearance from the panels, we offer drywall taping to reduce the appearance of the drywall’s seams and help them run together smoother for easier painting and interior aesthetic.

Fresh drywall all taped and textured

Removing Seams

The purpose of taping drywall is to ultimately remove its seams. This is done by adding a tacky solution into the indentations of the seams where they meet and filling them until smoothed. They are then evened and covered, left to dry until forming a hard mold atop the former seam. Once painted, the seams will no longer be visible to the naked eye, nor will they make it difficult to paint over the wall or add wallpaper and décor.

Construction worker assemble a suspended ceiling with drywall and fixing the drywall to the ceiling metal frame with screwdriver.
Drywall is hung in kitchen remodeling project Interior of apartment with materials during on the renovation

Flawless Appearance

When we complete our drywall taping, we do so with attention to detail to ensure that there is nothing short of a flawless appearance when completed. We work thoroughly to fill the creases in between the drywall panels and evenly coat any seams, ensuring that the panels are still secure and sturdy even during the process. In fact, taping drywall can actually help increase the durability and strength of existing drywall panels by helping mold them together so they aren’t considered standalone or able to easily freefall. Our flawless work leaves your walls looking stunning and ready for a fresh coat of paint in a matter of hours.


As mentioned previously, adding the extra step of drywall taping can be a great way to increase security of your drywall panels. By merging them together and keeping them in place using the tacky solution that we mix to fill the drywall seams, you’re ensuring that your drywall panels cannot readily move out of place or become loose over time. When taping your drywall, your safety and security is our top priority. This means that we’ll inspect the area carefully to ensure that all parts of your drywall are in working order with no further damages, so that the taping process can adequately hold the drywall together with ease.

Lasting Results

Taping your drywall is a surefire way to increase your overall use out of your drywall and prolong its lifespan inside your home. We know that clients want and deserve the best of the best when installing new building materials into their homes, and they expect them to provide maximum benefits and reliability during their use. When we tape your drywall, we make sure of this and go above and beyond to not only help you achieve lasting results, but ones that you can be proud of and can take advantage of inside your home.