Why Plaster Over Drywall Is Better

Why Plaster Over Drywall Is Better

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If you’re putting up a new wall in your home or remodeling an existing one, you might be wondering why plaster over drywall is better for you. There are several reasons, from cost to flexibility, but these three are the main ones.

Below are the benefits of plaster over drywall. They are more durable, flexible, and less expensive than drywall. So, why use plaster? Read on to find out! And don’t forget about the fact that it is far easier to maintain and clean than drywall.

It is cheaper

If you’re looking to redo a wall, you may be wondering whether it’s cheaper to plaster over drywall or plasterboard. Although both types require the same level of skill and attention to detail, plastering involves a higher level of labor costs and takes more time than drywall installation. The cost of plastering a wall is two to three times higher than drywall, but the materials are comparable. Also, drywall is easier to hang items on than