Why Plaster Over Drywall?

Why Plaster Over Drywall?

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When deciding which type of wall covering to install, the first question to ask is: why plaster over drywall? Among other reasons, this is the most durable choice for interior walls and ceilings. Other reasons include: durability, fire-resistance, and cost.

Let’s discuss each of these factors in more detail. Which one is the better option for you? Here are some tips to decide for yourself. Consider these benefits when deciding whether to use plaster or drywall in your next project.


Plaster is a common finish choice for public buildings. It’s easy to install and has very little risk of damage. Its ease of installation makes it a quick and convenient choice for any project. Unlike drywall, which requires extensive sanding and finishing, plaster does not require any construction mess. Plus, unlike drywall, plaster has a low thermal conductivity, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

However, plaster requires different installation techniques