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Drywall and home related services can be difficult to come by when you aren’t sure how to repair your walls or what it takes to build new ones. With the help of professional drywall contractors who also understand the ins and outs of home remodeling and modernization, you can be on your way to having a great new space, walls that are seamless and stunning, as well as low-cost services provided by the city’s most trusted professionals. Drywall contractors have numerous skills to benefit your home and repair your drywall with ease, leaving you relaxed and able to enjoy your home at its fullest potential.

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Drywall Installation

Drywall installation is the initial installation of your drywall into the home. Drywall typically comes in panels that are then installed into frames, which are secured into the interiors of the home’s wall system. These panels are fitted to the frames and secured in place using nails and adhesives. Once all the panels have been placed into the frames and hung, they are then sealed together using a taping technique that reduces the appearance of their seams.

Drywall Repair

Drywall has a tendency to damage or crumble when hit with blunt force. To repair the damages caused to your walls and save yourself money on replacing the drywall as a whole, we recommend considering drywall repairs which see contractors filling the holes of the drywall using a tacky mixture that is smoothed and left to dry, before then repainting and blending the damage into the wall. This makes the area unnoticeable so it’s not obvious that you had a repair done. This method proves to be cheaper and more efficient for minor damages that don’t require extensive repairs. 

Taping Drywall

Taping drywall is done to conceal the seams in between drywall panels that are still visible once the drywall has been installed. Attempting to paint or wallpaper over these seams can prove difficult as the paint and wallpaper can get caught in the crevices between the panels and create an uneven finish. By taping the drywall and filling the seams, your wall will be completed with a smooth, even, and finished look that is easier to paint or decorate for your home interiors.

About Us

Drywall Eugene Oregon has been serving the city of Eugene for a number of years with continued success. We operate as the city’s go-to, full-service contracting company that specializes in drywall services as well as home modernizations and remodeling. We’ve worked on all kinds of spaces in our time, ranging from older builds to new construction, and we’ve developed a skillset that makes us unbeatable in terms of our affordability and professionalism. At Drywall Eugene Oregon, you’re more than just a client to us, you’re a neighbor of the community that we aim to serve well with our licensed contracting services.

Our Services

Our range of products and services was designed with you in mind. We’ve taken into account all of the requests and types of projects that our clients often need when it comes to managing their home or space. We incorporate the latest technologies and techniques into our work and make our services easily accessible to those who need them and want to improve their home. Our services are available to those in the Eugene, Oregon area and currently consist of drywall installation, drywall repairs, taping the drywall, new construction projects, home remodeling and home modernization projects. You can check with one of our affiliate sites to hear about the quality of work we provide check out House painter in North Bay today! 

New Construction

We have been helping clients achieve new construction buildings for several years. We implement our work in the planning, preparation, and implementation of new construction projects by obtaining the adequate building permits, clearing and testing the land or space available for new building, as well as building a foundation that is lasting and sturdy for the building itself. 

Home Remodel

Home remodeling services are those that cater towards revitalizing the interiors of the home, whether it be new kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or home additions. We’re able to provide all of the above and everything in between. Home remodeling can include adding new flooring, painting, fixtures, and appliances that make the home look more spacious and modern than before. Check out our friends at painting contractors long island for all your painting needs. 

Home Modernization

Home modernization is the process of updating and integral parts of the home that are outdated or no longer compatible with safety standards and code regulations. These include replacing windows, roofing, plumbing or draining, and much more. Home modernizations differ from home remodeling projects in that they are more structural and logistical than they are aesthetic. If you are looking to modernize your floors check out our partners at Hardwood Floor installation Marietta.

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