Can You Use Drywall Mud On Plaster?

Can You Use Drywall Mud On Plaster?

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There are some situations in which drywall mud is a good choice, but not all. The reason is that plaster adheres better to drywall than most mud does. This is because drywall mud was designed to adhere to the paper covering used to make drywall.

Wood surfaces, however, may not be so compatible with drywall mud, so you’ll need to use an all-purpose joint compound instead.

Using drywall mud on plaster

Whether you are repairing a crack or patching a hole in your plaster wall, you’ll need to know how to apply drywall mud. It’s also important to use a good joint compound, especially if you need to patch a large area. Taping joints can make it easier to patch larger areas, and you can apply several layers of joint compound to get a smoother finish. You can also use skim coating plaster to fill hairline cracks and holes.

To make your own drywall mud, you can mix dry joint compound to the consistency you need. Durabond, for e